ADA Appreciation Night 2016

ADA Appreciation Night is an annual event to show appreciation within Singapore’s diving industry.

We dedicate this night to all our Dive Professionals for their continuous support through the years, and to industrial partners for their contribution to the ever-growing industry.

On this night, an estimated 250 Dive Professionals celebrate doing what they love and loving what they do. This year, we hope to increase public participation by inviting our student divers. This event has an estimated reach of more than 10,000 people.

Our objective is to provide a platform for divers in Singapore to come together and share their same passion for the underwater world, a platform for beginners to learn more about the sport, and to attract interest in this underwater sport within the community.

Breaking Grounds

The journey for ADA was never easy. Here's a short animation that depicts our journey that brought us to where we are and breaking new ground.

Celebrating Dive Professionals: ADA Appreciation Night 2016

Celebrating Dive Professionals: ADA Appreciation Night 2016


Underwater 360 published date: written by: Being a dive professional is not always easy. They go through many things that are literally “below the surface” and unseen. When Asia Dive Academy (ADA) first had the idea that dive professionals should be celebrated and honoured, they started with their partner shops and booked out a small … Read more