Life in ADA, as a Scuba Instructor

By Jacki Ng

I love what I do, being in ADA has changed me for the better. I would love for anyone else, to join us, be part of the team, let it transform you, like I have. About 7 years ago I picked up diving. It was the kiss of true love as soon as my lips touched … Read more

Jacki Ng - ADA Founder / CEO

The Misfit Finds His Niche


When he was just 12 years old, Jacki Ng masterminded a bold criminal scheme. Then a member of a street gang, he cajoled a 17-year-old fellow ruffian to steal a cheque belonging to the latter’s uncle. Ng wrote it out for $20,000, forged the signature and instigated another 17-year-old to cash it. “I had elaborate … Read more

Career in Scuba Diving

By Jacki Ng

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