3 things I never forget on Dive Trips!

By Jacki Ng

This blog post has been lurking in the corner of my mind for some time and what better day to post it then on Women’s Dive Day. I am going to tell you about 3 things that have made my life as female dive professional much easier. Going for a dive trip not only entails diving, … Read more

365 Days Of Countdown For 10 Days…

By Jacki Ng

Day -365 to 1 (Non-Diving) PART ONE November last year, Tiger Airways fixed a new route from Singapore to Male. And here’s where the story starts. Me being me, flight promotion has always been my weakness and I just had to share this deal. Though I didnt expect my virus to spread like wild fire, … Read more

Rewind, Fastforward:: Xian Jie

By Jacki Ng

Xian Jie joined us for the DMA Program between November 2010 and August 2011. He came with his buddy Edmund and the two of them quickly became invaluable members of our team. Why – he was meticulous, responsible and willing to learn, but also, since he was fresh out of National Service, he was ripped! … Read more

PADI IDC Singapore - Teamwork

New Instructors in Action!

By Jacki Ng

CONGRATULATIONS! It has been a few weeks since our final IDC and IE of 2013 and our 8 new instructors have been given the go ahead to start teaching. The REAL learning only begins AFTER the IE When you get hands-on teaching experience, with REAL students. It is the only real way to learn, so … Read more

Marine Life Injuries

By Jacki Ng

Marine creatures are among the most fascinating organisms on the planet and most sport divers dive with the intention of observing marine life in their natural environment. Most marine animals are not aggressive towards humans and most injuries humans sustain from marine creatures are from passive defense mechanisms. Although there are over 1000 species of … Read more

The Scuba Diving Instructor

By Jacki Ng

As air breathing creatures we are well removed from our natural environment when underwater scuba diving. In order to survive, let alone enjoy such activities we must acquire a range of skills and knowledge that are not part of our normal experience. This is most satisfactorily provided by a qualified scuba instructor. An instructor is … Read more