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Jacki Ng

Diving Instructor Braves Sea of Red for Higher Cause

By Jacki Ng

The Straits Times | Business Section published date: 20 October 2017 written by: Annabeth Leow Scuba company Asia Dive Academy is still in the red after more than 10 years in business, but chief executive Jacki Ng is unfazed. “Our sole purpose can’t be driven by profit,” he tells The Straits Times. He concedes that … Read more

Jacki ADA Inc Article

Gangster Moves: How This “Bad Boy” from Singapore Became an Entrepreneur

By Jacki Ng

INC. Asean published date: 21 July 2017 written by: Adelle Chua 4 lessons on how this “ah beng” was able to turn his life around Jacki Ng remembers an incident from when he was 14 years old. He was at a fast-food joint, looking at the menu. The fillet caught his eye, but he pronounced … Read more

ADA Dive Career Training

ADA is now an ATO (Approved Training Organisation)

By Jacki Ng

2017 started with a bang for us as we have achieved the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status from Workforce Singapore (formally known as Workforce Development Agency).


5 Life Lessons Schools Did Not Teach Me

By Rish D.

The season of graduation is upon us once again. I looked back to once upon a time two and half years ago, to a naive period where I was once again a freshman, but in the society, and ditching my books to build the possibility of a career, in a niche and unregulated industry; the … Read more

3 Real Values A Gen-Y Brings To The Workplace

By Rish D.

Gen-Y, a broad name to identify my generation (those born between the 1990s to early 2000s), we are the up and coming generation replacing our parents – the Baby Boomers, in the workforce. Because we are the up and coming generation, it is inevitable to have the spotlight cast on us, and being studied and scrutinized upon like lab rats.

Smux divers

SMUX Divers – A Decade of Cooperation

By Jacki Ng

Smux Dive Camp 2015 We have been working with the Singapore Management University Dive Team or SMUX Dive Team, for 10 years this year. That is a long time, now that I am looking back. It’s been a great journey and partnership I would say. I am glad that we have had the opportunity to … Read more