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Smux Dive Camp 2015 Smux Dive Camp 2015

We have been working with the Singapore Management University Dive Team or SMUX Dive Team, for 10 years this year.
That is a long time, now that I am looking back. It's been a great journey and partnership I would say.

I am glad that we have had the opportunity to train or educate the next generations of divers coming from SMU, many of which will and have become the future business leaders, public servants, financiers, lawyers, fellow educators and other prominent and influential players. I hope that even just a fraction of them, are touched by scuba diving such that they will become ambassadors for the environment. Then, we have truly done right.

And the SMUX Dive Team Managers over the years, are the students leaders that get elected and essentially chosen to make the decisions for the team. Over the years, there have been 10 of them and I thank them for their support and in many cases, friendships.

2005: Er Jun
2006: Shaun
2007: Sheryl
2008: Nyan
2009: Ryan
2010: Sebastian
2011: Cedric
2012: Sam
2013: Iris
2014: Anton
2015: Keith
2016: Jay

These student leaders are the ones to really make it all happen and many of them have come to be woven into and form part of our crew and culture.
So thank you and hope to have a continued partnership that works for everyone.

Smux Camp 2015 Smux Camp 2015

ADA is now an Ocean Reef International Training Facility

ADA Ocean Reef Interntional Training Center

Ocean Reef Servicing

Ocean Reef Visit - Jacki and Ricky go to Italy!

Ricky and I just visited the Ocean Reef Headquarters in Genoa, Italy for business and training.

The Ocean Reef compound is rather large, as we found on our first day. We were taken for a tour of the factory and the rest of the facilities. We first visited the Research and Development Areas, the show rooms, the servicing stations and the office areas. It's really nice to see where and how things are made.

Ocean Reef IDM Assembly
Ocean Reef IDM Assembly

One of main aims for the visit, was to get trained in servicing of the Integrated Dive Masks (IDM), regulators and underwater communication systems, and this took four full days of training.

Ocean Reef Full face mask White
Ocean Reef Full face mask White

We spent some time learning about the products first of course, how they are made, the design, very interesting from an engineering point of view. This was of course followed by hand-on servicing.

Ocean Reef Product discussion
Ocean Reef Product discussion

But we also had to be trained to actually use the IDM and other Ocean Reef Products in their indoor pool. Ricky has had training and experience with the IDM already, but for me it was my first time. Guess what, it was quite fun! Thankfully, the pool is a heated indoor one, if not, I would have died.

Colourful IDM for testing
Colourful IDM for testing

I really enjoyed it. Being able to breath through your nose instead of your mouth will be something many divers might actually prefer. My favourite part was the MRT or Modified Rhyme Test. This is a communications test. What happens is that one person will say a word at a time, and we would record what we heard. It is to train our hearing and pronunciation while using the Ocean Reef communication systems. "Did you say MARK, BARK, PARK, LARK? or... FARK?"

Ocean Reef Pool Time
Ocean Reef Pool Time

We were trained to service the entire integrated mask system including the 2nd stage and mask.
The Second stage is designed to deliver a higher volume of air because the air has to be delivered into the mask rather than the mouth directly. After four days of work, we can now proudly say that ADA is now an International Training Center for Ocean Reef products. We will be launching our full face mask training and servicing in Singapore in 2016, so look out for it!

ADA Ocean Reef Interntional Training Center
ADA Ocean Reef Interntional Training Center

DMA Night!