How to Become a PADI Course Director

How to become a course director

The PADI Course Director rating is the highest instructor rating in the PADI System for recreational diving. To become a Course Director, you will need to attend and complete the PADI Course Director Training Course (PADI CDTC) 2 times a year. One in Kota Kinaubalu, Malaysia, the other in Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. Recently there has been a third CDTC held in China conducted in Mandarin.

During the PADI Course Director Training Course, you will learn how to conduct PADI Instructor Development programs and gain experience in developing dive educators. Upon completion, as a Course Director, you will find yourself among the most influential in the dive industry. You will serve as a role model for many, especially the instructors you will train. And also because you play such a pivitol role in influencing the attitudes and abilities of the next generation of instructors, you will find that the things you do or say have a multiplying effect.



PADI Course Director Training Course Requirements

To apply for a PADI Course Director Training Course, you must:

1. Be a Master Instructor.

2. Be an EFR Instructor Trainer.

3. Be certified as an upgraded and renewed PADI IDC Staff Instructor.

4. Have within the prior 12 month:

A. No verified Quality Assurance complaints filed with PADI.

B. Conducted all certifications of each level of diver training consistent
with PADI philosophy and as outlined in the PADI Instructor Manual &
PADI Course Director Manual. Any modification of the courses outlined in
the PADI Instructor Manual & PADI Course Director Manual must have
been approved by PADI.

C. Exclusively used the PADI System of diver education, including the
various diver manuals, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, quizzes, exams,
instructor guides, lesson guides and Recreational Dive Planner.

D. Issued only PADI certifications to students completing PADI Diver
training courses.

5. Have completed the PADI System, Standards and Procedures Examination
with a score of 85% or higher at an IE by registering with PADI. This must be
done within one year of the CDTC Application due date.

6. Have completed the Diving Theory Examination with a score of 83% or higher
in each of the five topics (Physics, Physiology, RDP, Equipment and Skills &
Environment) at an IE by registering with PADI or by completing Dive Theory
Online with the appropriate scores. This must be done within one year of the
CDTC Application due date.

7. Have staffing experience of at least two complete IDCs or combination of two
AI and two OWSI programs or one AI, one OWSI and one full IDC after
certification as an IDC Staff Instructor since the introduction of the current IDC

8. Have experience working with a PADI Resort & Retail Association Member.

9. Have organized or led
a) one Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Cleanup,
b) setup a My Ocean Profile
c) promoted the AWARE C-Card to your student divers
d) organized or led at least one more Project AWARE activity or event
such as Cleanup, Coral Watch, Whale Shark Project, installation or maintenance
of mooring systems, AWARE Kids programs, fund raising, etc. within the past
three years.

Note: Meeting the four prerequisites above (a, b, c & d) is the minimum
requirement for applying for the CDTC. Additional credit will be awarded for
additional activities.

10. Meet the minimum experience requirement of 250 logged dives.

No application will be accepted unless all requirements have been met.

The PADI Examiner – How to Become One

PADI Instructor Exams Singapore

What is a PADI Examiner?

You will come across PADI Examiners at PADI Instructor Examinations or PADI IEs. A PADI Examiners main function is to facilitate the IE by providing the candidates with a an optimally conducive environment for evaluation, sometimes directing the activities of support personnel too. Their main goal is to fairly and objectively evaluate the teaching ability, knowledge, watermanship, skills and attitude of instructor candidates and judge whether or not they are ready to become PADI Instructors.

A PADI Examiner is not a certification above Course Director, it is a Job Title, they are employees of PADI.

PADI Examiners Requirements

If you want to become a PADI Examiner, you will first need to be employed by PADI. And at the minimum, you will need to be an experienced PADI Course Director and as a bonus, speak more than one language.

All PADI Examiner wannabes will need to undergo 2 weeks of training, which includes theory and practicals, with PADI worldwide followed by staff 3 IEs under the supervision of an experienced examiner.

To keep current, all PADI Examiners are required to meet every six months or more for updates, evaluation training and further training. Also, there is and International yearly meeting, usually held pre-DEMA, which Examiners will need to attend.

There are currently 93 Examiners worldwide and every PADI Office has Examiners on staff to cover their region, so usually the same examiners will be seen in one area. However once in a while, they will be assigned to IEs outside their region if necessary.