ADA is now 100% AWARE

100% AWARE Partner

100% AWARE Partner
100% AWARE Partner

We partnered with Project AWARE this week to join their growing number of 100% AWARE Partners who put ocean protection at the heart of their business.

Every month ADA will make a regular donation to PROJECT AWARE, a global non-profit, to protect the underwater world.

It also means all our student divers will receive a Project AWARE limited edition card when they complete a PADI course with us. It is time give back to the ocean, which our entire dive business relies on. Hopefully every time our divers look at their cards, they are reminded to give back too.

What does it really mean?

Project AWARE, a global non-profit backed by PADI, does great work - focusing mainly on 2 big marine issues:

1. Protecting Sharks and Rays

By pushing for the closing of loopholes in regulations and strengthening shark finning or trade bans, together, we can have a great impact on international regulatory bodies. See the success of CITES 2013, this is one of the best reasons to support Project AWARE together.

2. Tackling Marine Debris

It's there, our junk in the sea. Project AWARE divers are rising to the marine debris challenge by taking local action and supporting the policy change necessary to prevent and reduce rubbish entering our ocean.

So look out for the new cards and activities coming up, as well as Project AWARE/PADI Specialties we will be offering in 2015.